Who is Rukshan Para

Rukshan Para is an individual involved in the community as an avid organizer and educator for more than two decades and has been volunteering in the community since the age of 9. He is currently a candidate for Public School Board Trustee in Wards 4 & 5 in Markham. 

My Plan

Transparency and Building Trust

I vow that my tenure will be transparent. An open and transparent dialogue is necessary to ensure we are maximizing our voice in providing the best education possible for our children. As a Trustee, with honesty and integrity, I would take every opportunity to listen to community partners, identify issues and communicate the needs of our community.

Advocate for Quality Education

As a trustee, I will be focusing on fostering 21st century global competencies for all learners from K-12 through many innovative and inclusive initiatives. As a Trustee I will be focused on your child’s academic achievement and character development while representing the community that I live in.

Special Needs Programming

No two children learn the same way. Having adequate programming that reflects the special educational learning needs of each child is imperative for their success. Advocating for greater special needs programs and services will be a key priority for me at the school board.

Leadership and Accountability

I resolve to lead with integrity, compassion, transperancy and inclusivity. Representing my constituents is my priority. I commit to ensuring the board’s multi-year strategic plan reflects the community’s priorities and needs.

Process of Change in Policy

I promise to initiate a process of change to lay a foundation to collaborate with necessary partners to set a vision and advance policies that sets programs to promote students achievement and well-being. I will ensure there is a cleaner approval and transparent process is in place on use of tax payer’s funds.

Letter to Residents

Dear Resident,

My name is Rukshan Para, and I am running for school board trustee for the public board in your area. I am a proud resident of Cornell and have lived in this community for over 15 years. As an active member of the community, I have first-hand knowledge of the issues affecting parents and youth. I have been working with parents, youth, and schools advocating for and supporting equity while recognizing the legacy and contribution of those who built up our community in Markham.

letter to residents-rukshan para

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