Who is Rukshan Para


Rukshan Para is an individual involved in the community as an avid organizer and educator for more than two decades and has been volunteering in the community since the age of 9. He is currently a candidate for Public School Board Trustee in Wards 4 & 5 in Markham. Rukshan Para understands the needs of neighbourhoods, has developed strong community partnerships and the experience to foster solutions for our area’s educational concerns.

For more than a decade, Rukshan Para has been advocating for improvement in the quality of education that reflects the needs of today’s children in our communities. Rukshan has led many campaigns and projects relating to youth empowerment within Markham, including mental well-being. He is currently campaigning in working towards an increase in the literacy rate for elementary children. At the same time, he tirelessly works with teenagers to reduce stigma in mental health, and create a conversation between the parental group and their children.

Rukshan Para stood up for taxpayers when trustees voted in favour of awarding the Director of Education with an unheard 10-year contract. He was the first parent to raise the flag with the Ministry with an email and was later got featured on the City TV news (link: https://www.facebook.com/citynewstoronto/videos/10153955389921175/ (@1:34 and 2:30)). He further rose concerns when a trustee “alleged to have pressured staff to boost daughter’s mark” (Toronto Star link: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/04/24/trustee-alleged-to-have-pressured-staff-to-boost-daughters-marks.html).

Rukshan Para is actively aware of the ongoing matters within education on the provincial level. Rukshan Para is an active volunteer, serves on several community boards including non-profits. His experiences include President of Youth and Parents Association of Markham, providing innovative programs for children fostering creativity, confidence, and communication skills. He is also co-founder of Men’s Services for Mental Health and Chair for the International Women’s Day celebration in Markham through Social Services Network.

He strongly believes giving back allows to strengthen communities and share experiences with others. He has helped working with non-profits to develop frameworks and partnerships with school boards and City of Markham to provide the community with valuable opportunities and services.

Rukshan Para has gone through schooling here in Ontario, Canada starting in elementary. Having obtained a Bachelor of Commerce he has expertise in Finance, Information Technology, and Capital Markets. He has worked in several roles where he effectively managed several teams and multi-million dollar projects.

His passion and strong skill sets in analytical frameworks, finance and education makes him well suited for the position of York Region District Public School Board Trustee. He has demonstrated that he can engage parents, motivate youth, promote education, encourage success and champion potential.