Toronto Star Piece

In 2015, the York Region School Board Trustees awarded the previous Director of Education a 10-year lucrative contract, including a supervisory role at the end of the term. This to me was unacceptable. This undermined accountability within the school system. I could not stand by idly while our tax dollars were being spent irresponsibly. I took immediate action by emailing the Minister of Education and communicated my displeasure on behalf of the entire community. I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with taxpayers until the issue came to a satisfactory resolution.

The above screenshot is of an article written by the Toronto Star on the above story. I have also included some links where I was quoted for my stance on a few issues of interest to the community.


Some of the articles where I was quoted

My email to the ministry was featured by City News (@1:34 and 2:30 mark)

Short personal interview with Global TV