I began volunteering at the age of 9 and continue to keenly give back to the community till today. Volunteering helps me strengthen the community, create bonds, and develop social responsibility. I understand the need for volunteer services in the community, especially the valuable work that not-for-profit organizations provide to the community.

  •      •   Interpret report cards for newcomer families
  •      •   Represent families at the school in IPRC meetings
  •      •   Promotes Children Mental Health well-being
  •      •   Increase awareness on Literacy and Numeracy
  •      •   Building self-confidence in youth
  •      •   Aaniin Community Cntre & Library Opening Ceremony
  •      •   Ribfest 2018
  •      •   Canada Day Parade
  •      •   Markham Santa Clause Parade
  •      •   Markham Children Festival
  •      •   Mayor’s Chinese New Year
  •      •   Markham Music Festival
  •      •   Markham Expo 150
  •      •   Taste of Asia Markham
  •      •   Work with Children with Learning Challenges
  •      •   Markham Earth Hour
  •      •   Parents Symposium
  •      •   Gala for Giving and other fundraising

In the album, you will see some of my volunteerism in the community. Annually, I volunteered at educational and enrichment programs, Canada day parade, festivals including Markham Village music festival, community cleanups, Earth Hour, mental health events and much more.

Rukshan PARA